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School of Energy and Power Engineering,
Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)
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  • Design and optimization of electrolyte of supercapacitor

Study and optimization of energy storage performance of aqueous ionic liquid electrolyte.

  • Study on energy storage mechanism of supercapacitors

Microstructure of electrode surface in electric double layer. Application of porous carbon materials in energy conversion. Synthesis and research of new electrode materials (Metal-Organic framework).


Postdoctor                 Thermal Power Engineering, HUST, China                      2020/07 ~ present

✓ Ph.D.                         Thermal Power Engineering, HUST, China                       2020

✓ B.S.                           New Energy Science and Engineering, HUST, China        2016

International Conference

  • Molecular Simulation Study on the Electrical Double Layer Microstructure and Capacitance of Ionic Liquids-based Supercapacitors. Short Oral talk, The 8th International Congress on Ionic Liquids, May 13 - 17, 2019, Beijing, China.


Research Project

2018.01 ~ 2018.12

Development of ionic liquid supercapacitor energy storage technology based on simulation screening (core member)

Shenzhen Basic Research Project(No. JCYJ20170307171511292)

✓ 2019.01 ~ 2022.12

Study on solid-liquid interface energy storage mechanism based on conductive metal-organic frames materials and ionic liquids (core member)

National Natural Science Foundation of China(No. 51876072)


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