Simulation Software and Open Source Code

  1. Potentials-based Molecular Simulation Software and Open Source Code:/CPM-GF

  2. Current-Profile Molecular Simulation Software and Open Source Code:

  3. /CPM-GCD
  4. This code is freely distributed to academic, scientific, educational, and non-commercial users. Hereby, permission is granted to use the code under the following conditions:

  5. 1)The code may be used in any publication but must be explicitly noted as being used. The source must be cited as follows:

    Liang Zeng,Taizheng Wu, Ting ve, Tangming Mo, Rui Qiao, Guang Feng, Modeling galvanostatic charge discharge ofnanoporous supercapacitors, Nature Computational Science, 2021, 1(11), 725-731. Linkage

    2)Unless you obtain our written permission, you shall not redistribute any copies of the file.

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