Professor Alexei A. Kornyshev Awarded as Honorary Professor of HUST

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    From ( (Correspondent Chen Zhengjun/Zhao Yunxia) - On November 4, Prof. Alexei A. Kornyshev of Imperial College London visited HUST and was awarded as the Honorary Professor of HUST which is the highest level and permanent title for foreign experts. The employed ceremony was held at Siyuan Hall, Wutongyu Academic Exchange Centre. Prof. Jianguo Chen, the Vice President of HUST, presented the letter of Honorary Professor Appointment to Prof. Kornyshev.

    Vice President Chen first welcomed Prof. Kornyshev's visit and introduced in detail the significance and relevant progress of the "Double-First Class" discipline construction of our university. Prof. Xiaobing Luo, the Dean of the School of Energy and Power Engineering and the Director of China-EU Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy introduced the specific cooperation between Prof. Kornyshev and the School of Energy and Power Engineering since he was appointed as HUST Advisory Professor in 2016. Then, Prof. Guang Feng in the School of Energy introduced Prof. Kornyshev's major academic achievements.

    Prof. Kornyshev said that he was honored to collaborate with HUST and become HUST Honorary Professor, and expressed that he would continue to deepen the scientific research cooperation with the School of Energy and Power Engineering in HUST, and take the exchange of students as part of the next work. At the same time, he will also vigorously support the potential development of the relevant disciplines of HUST and international exchanges, promote the in-depth cooperation between Imperial College London and HUST in energy materials, condensed matter physics, medical science, etc. After the ceremony, Vice President Chen and Prof. Kornyshev also had an in-depth discussion on the specific direction and form of further cooperation and exchange during the welcome lunch.

    Prof. Alexei Kornyshev is a professor in the Chemical Physics at Imperial College. He is a Fellow of 4 learned societies (IOP, RSC, IYPAC, ISE), and a Foreign Member of Royal Danish Academy of Science, and is on Editorial Boards of several international journals on physics and chemistry. His interests span widely in theoretical condensed matter chemical physics and its application to electrochemistry, biological physics, nanoscience, photonics, energy research, and smart materials – using methods of theoretical physics and computer simulations, and working in close collaboration with experimentalists. He received a number of international and national awards and prizes, including Senior Humboldt Research Award/Humboldt Prize (1991), Royal Society Wolfson Research, Merit Award (2001), European Fuel Cell Forum Christian-Freidrich Schoenbein Contribution to Science Medal (2003), RSC Geoffrey Barker Electrochemistry Medal (2007), RSC Interdisciplinary Prize, Medal, and Lectureship (2010), the first Ruth Lynden Bell Award (2017) and so on.

    Heads and staff of the International Exchange Center attended the appointment ceremony.

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